While he does try to balance family and personal life with his career, he said his work and personal life have become interwoven. “Having been at this for so long, its kind of who I am at this point,” he said. “My family is very understanding.”

Image of a small group of FastForward reporters with Dan Noyes Not only does his job provide him with new perspectives, but investigative journalism also takes him all sorts of places.

We also asked him how the TV business has changed since he first began in the business. He said the way news is being shared and gathered is changing constantly, which makes it even more important to stand out in a crowd. He used to work with a film crew, but today, a good reporter needs to know how to not only write and research, but also how to use a video camera.

Still, he said, the importance of investigative reporting will never cease to exist. “There’s always a need for good stories told well.”

Noyes has recently uncovered the fifth victim of a serial killing that happened 15-years-ago. “I like to shine light where it needs to be shone,” he said.

He said one of the most important aspects of his job is to always make sure you have the correct facts and don’t let your personal thoughts get in the way of a story. “Above all, you have to be right, and you have to be fair,” he explained.

And he certainly has made a lot of positive change with his stories. Through his hard work, he has impacted the way government functions, made improvements in the treatment of animals, and helped families move forward from issues that had been troubling them.