Although he’s won 15 Emmys for investigations, he still preserves his integrity and always makes sure that he’s doing the story for the right reasons. “If you do the job for the awards or because you like to be on TV, you’re doing it for the wrong reasons,” he said. “The real challenge is getting it right.”

Although it is difficult, Noyes also said he also doesn’t let any personal feelings or thoughts he might have about a case get in the way of reporting it objectively.

While in the process of reporting, he explained that he doesn’t get wrapped up in the story, but after the truth has come out is when able to truly reflect on the case. One example includes his work to bust a priest for molesting children. Although he was able to keep his emotions in check during his work, after the trials, Noyes said he shed tears when the parents of the victims came up to him and thanked him for helping their families heal.

Investigative reporters like Dan Noyes make the world a better place because they inform us about injustices happening around us. They devote their life to reveal the truth so something can be done. Noyes has dedicated himself to his job, and consequently, his news reports have changed people’s lives. He has made our nation a better place. We were inspired to meet such a courageous guy.

For the future, Noyes said he hopes to continue shining light on things issues that need light shed on. He said, “I hope to continue to make a difference in people’s lives.”

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