After the interview, we were given a little bit of dough to play with. He showed us how to throw the pizza dough and spin it like he did. He even showed us his over the shoulder trick. Soon the dough was put away and he brought out a bigger lump of dough, and said, “Be good to this one, cause you’re gonna eat it!”

Image of the FastForward trying their hand at making pizzas He instructed us to create a crust, and then brought out all the toppings. We decorated our pizza however we wanted before Tony whisked it off to the oven.

Soon Tony came with our pizzas saying, “Time to eat!” They are hot and uniquely ours. After downing the most delicious pizzas ever, we left Capo’s with happy bellies, notebooks full of notes and smiles on our faces. How can one person make so many people happy? Tony Gemignani will always be a star to us because of his endless energy, his desire to create and always improve what he is making so that it will be better.

Check out Tony’s incredible pizza at any of these San Francisco locations:
~ Capo’s Chicago Pizza & Fine Italian Dinners (641 Vallejo St.)
~ Tony’s Coal-Fired Pizza and Slice House (1556 Stockton St.)
~ Tony’s Pizza Neapoletana (1570 Stockton St.)

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