Living a Life of Magic

SPOTLIGHT - November 2013

By Gemma Calandra, C.C. Clark, Adam Epstein, Luca Evans, Dean Griffin, Spencer Hao, Sarah Knopf, Hawke Lenihan, Luke Rudy, Cole Summers, Sari Wisoff and Christine Watridge; from Bacich, Davidson Middle, Del Mar Middle, Kent Middle, Lycee Francais International de San Francisco, Marin Country Day School, Mill Valley Middle, San Domenico, St. Mark and St. Rita Schools

Image of Jay Alexander with a group of FastForward reporters What do you think of when you hear the word magic? Do you dream of knights and dragons, of Camelot and Merlin, of the never ending battle between the two great forces of good and evil, the fairies versus the witches and the prince rushing to save the princess with the help of some magical, all-powerful being? Do you picture the fantastic world of Harry Potter, the great Hogwarts castle, a blood-red Sorcerer’s Stone, which can grant immortality or vanquish a Dark Lord by the fandom-nicknamed “Golden Trio?” Or do you imagine magic in its true sense, a complex simplicity of hidden logic and crafty magicians bending reality with stupefying tricks of light and mind? This last category was the type of magic we experienced today.

We had the amazing opportunity to meet and speak with Jay Alexander, one of the most famous magicians in the country, who inspired us to follow our dreams, no matter how incredulous they may seem.