Stylized image of Jay Alexander as the Jack of Clubs

Alexander’s magic is almost like something out of a fairy tale. You can’t help but gasp in awe when he finishes one of his astounding tricks. From naming characters in books he has never touched to guessing what freshly chosen objects rest on a tray, there isn’t much this California magician can’t do. But even with all of his talent and successes, Alexander says, his work isn’t so much about the trick, as much as his love for entertaining and simply inspiring individuals to have a good time. “I want people to just have fun, and to show them something, so they can forget about everything else happening in their lives,” he said.

Providing a genuine experience for his audience comes naturally for the guy whose positive attitude is incorporated into every aspect of his show. After all, his motto is: And It gets better! And we agree. Just when you think the show couldn’t get better, it always does!

Alexander says, even before he was born, magic was an intimate part of his family history. His great-grandfather was a big time magician and escape artist, and Alexander grew up with posters of him all over his house. His grandfather, although never a performing magician, also taught inspired the magic within his grandson, by teaching him his first trick: the disappearing coin.

But Alexander didn’t begin doing his own magic until he reached the ripe old age of 11-years-old, after he received a magic set for his birthday. He began to do different tricks from the set and realized he was pretty good at them. So when someone asked him to perform a birthday party, he did—for a whopping five bucks. A month later, he performed another party, and he kept buying magic store stuff. “But then the magic store owner said, “Don’t buy a trick. If you buy a book you will have 50 tricks you can learn,’” recalls Alexander. And reading these magic books proved to be more of a challenge than was expected because of his Dyslexia, he says.