View the story behind Matilda's journey from book to Broadway!

After talking with Ms. Margherita, I had a chance to interview Gabriel Ebert, a great actor who just last week won a Tony Award for his role as Matilda’s television-obsessed dad (Best Supporting Actor in a Musical). Mr. Ebert graduated from Julliard, where he studied classical acting, but he told me that he is really enjoying his comedy role as the very silly, singing and dancing Mr. Wormwood. My favorite part of his performance was when he sings the song “Telly” (about how you can learn everything you ever need to know from watching television instead of reading books). The audience loves him and starts to sing along! Mr. Ebert said he likes performing the silly songs and dances and making people laugh. After the show, Ms. Margherita and Mr. Ebert invited me backstage. Mr. Ebert signed my program (GABE!) and introduced me to the actor who plays his Matilda “son” Taylor Trensch. Both of them play the ukulele! I could tell that Mr. Ebert is a very happy person and enjoys working with all of the other people connected with Matilda the Musical.

Matilda the Musical won four Tony Awards and is playing at the Shubert Theater on 42nd Street in New York. Right now there are tickets available on for dates through the end of August 2013. When “Matilda” goes on tour, make sure you get tickets for its stop in San Francisco. It is a show you will want to see. Your parents will love it, too!


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