Image of Frederic Yonnet performing on stage He gravitated towards the harmonica not only because it was inexpensive and easy to carry, but also because he had more room to create his own style and pave his own path. For two-years, he practiced with the instrument until he got an actual paying gig.

Yonnet began to play all around, trying to perfect his technique. News began to spread about the revolutionary harmonica player and before you know it he was playing with big shots such as Prince, Stevie Wonder, and Dave Chappelle. Merely 40-years-old and Yonnet has already played with some of the biggest names in music.

He’s also a world traveler, which he said influences the compositions he creates for his performances. “I am trying to be a link to all of the different cultures,” he said.

Yonnet expressed that he wants his audiences to take a journey around the world in his performances, which incorporate a variety of genres he likes to play around with. In his music, you can hear influences of rock-n-roll, pop, jazz, blues, R&B, and even country.  Although he said his style is always a work in progress, he finds pride in his style being a “mosaic of influences”.

While he is definitely a talented musician, he still remains down to earth. According to his manager Carla Sims, Yonnet is the kind of guy you want to be around. “He is the most genuine and sincere and considerate person,” she said.

Although the music industry has undergone some dramatic changes in recent years, Yonnet is positive about these changes, stating that they open a world of opportunity to musicians. Currently, he is working on making a new harmonica, which he says, “will be cool, sexy, and hip.”