image of the San Francisco Giants logo“It was very special walking onto the field as a Giant for the first time,” says Orlando Cabrera “The hardest part about being on the Giants is having to show off and entertain every night. Every night we have to entertain, and then we have to do it all again the next day.” Cabrera thinks it’s nice to know that thousands of people are watching him when he plays, if a bit scary. When we asked him what else he would like to add, he said to “Follow your dreams all the way to the end.”

The next player we were lucky enough to snag for a few minutes was Giants pitcher Matt Cain. “It’s exciting to be able to play with the Giants,” he says. "Winning the World Series was amazing." When Cain was a kid, he wanted to be either a professional baseball player or a professional basketball player. “I really didn’t care what team,” he says. “My idol was Michael Jordan when I was a kid.” His favorite thing about playing baseball is just “going out and having fun,” as Cain put it, “and you’ve gotta’ go through the bumps and bruises, but keep your spirits up.”

The next legendary superstar that we got to interview was Pablo Sandoval, the Giants 3rd and 1st baseman—otherwise known as “Panda.” The Panda knew that he wanted to be a major league baseball player when he was 14. When he was young, he wanted to be a professional soccer player. “I love the name Panda,” he says. “I was very nervous during my first Giants game. I was worried that I wouldn’t be good enough for the team.” Pablo Sandoval’s superstitions are “everything,” as he pulled out a string of breads he wears under his uniform. “They are always with me, these are my lucky charms—my two daughters. Winning the World Series was the best thing ever. You don’t get many chances to achieve something like this.”