Image of Alison Lewis' book cover One of her proudest accomplishments is her book, “Switch Craft”, which is the first book to feature sewing and electronics within the same bind. As a woman, she said there is a language she was raised to know. The best way to describe the book is “when Martha Stewart meets MacGyver,” she said.

From photography, drawings and designs to boyish, techie stuff, the book is a unique coming together of two worlds. For example, she said, like her speaker design, which is now in a tote bag instead of, you know, in a big hard cold box. “That’s really what this is about,” she said. “It seemed natural for me. Everything about this just seemed like the natural evolution of fashion, so I didn’t really question what I was doing at the time.”

Today, she said her day is filled with all sorts of exciting and demanding tasks, especially since she started her new company two-years-ago. From talking with people overseas to working with her team building and researching materials, she said her daily activities are a whole lot of fun. But her weeks never look the same as the next. “One day I may be helping someone sew and then next day I may be writing a contract,” she said. “I just do whatever I have to do.”

When asked if she thought her designs would become as big as they have today, she said her success has definitely come as a surprise, even though the whole process of her career has felt really natural. She also said a lot of her achievements have come because of timing. There was a time, she explained, when she worried she might be too cutting edge. But then people began to catch on and her designs became increasingly more relevant. “I think its’ only going to continue getting bigger and bigger,” she said. “Fashion designers are really interested in finding unique ways to express themselves with unique materials.”

The job, however, doesn’t come without challenges. Lewis said, “I can make this stuff at home. I can do all of this. But how to make this into a product that everyone can experience is the challenge right now. Most fashion companies can’t do that, so we hope to be the one that can.”

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