What they’ve discovered is that Glass can be used in many ways, from beekeeping to enhancing classroom education. Dale said, some of our explorers include a chef that wants to make things in a hands free way. Another is a physics teacher who flew to Switzerland, and live streamed his entire bike ride l back to his physics class in Michigan.

But one aspect that worries users about Glass is its durability. Google, however, has done hundreds of durability tests and has used the strongest materials possible. “Its strong, but you know, you wouldn’t want to go swimming,” joked Dale.

Although, the Glass has many of the same functions as a smartphone. Users need to go in with an open mind… It’s not just a cell phone.

A user can also sync their glasses to a tablet, which copies all contact information and pictures to back up your information. The technology is so advanced that even when a person turns their head with the glasses on, the tablet turns its view too.

Even before the Glasses are unwrapped there is a sense of clean-cut simplicity to them.

And they look cool, too. The sleek, silver band stretches across the forehead with a tiny monitor angled perfectly so you can see the film screen in the corner of your eye. But the sophisticated convenience doesn’t stop there. The voice command is insanely responsive and the interface is as smooth as any other product on the market.

According to Dale, the developers at Google are all united by a common motivation to find new and creative ways to improve people’s lives. Their innovative desires and goals have produced an amazing this user-centered product that is durable, has a strict “no ad” policy, and is just plain fun to use. “We have laws and guidelines in place because we want this to be a great experience for all users,” he said.

Although the Glass technology has a way to go before its release, the possibilities are boundless, and the sky’s the limit as far as the Google Team is concerned. Dale said, “Our goal is to make Glass more awesome everyday.”

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