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Making a difference

REPORTERS: Arjun Aujula, Parker Bizjack, Becky Booth, Ryan Copeland, Ben Horsey, Liza Lachter, Logan MacKinney, Maia Manzagol, Jonathan Palfy, Julian Reiss, Lilah Richman, Kylie Sebastian, Eve Sloan, Wesley Slavin, Gisele Turchon, Owen Wright

Do you have a really powerful story that might make other people care about an issue that they’ve never heard about before? Were you personally affected by something that you feel should change? is an organization that gives the voiceless a voice, and gives people the opportunity to make a difference in the world. When people don’t believe that they can make a difference, helps empower individuals to stand up for what is important, and provides the opportunity to state their opinion and take a stand for whatever they feel strongly about.

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FastForward Visits VICE

By C.C. Clark, Matt Geffen, Katrina Horsey, Will Ogden and Campbell Slavin; from Drew, Marin Academy, Marin School of the Arts and University High Schools

A unique platform for news, commentary, and human interest has come of age in Brooklyn. From this single website, one can learn about lesser-known aspects of international conflict, get insights into blossoming art and youth cultures across America, learn fresh perspectives on sex and gender issues, and even watch a famous rapper discuss his favorite recipes. If any (or all) of these subjects sound tantalizing, VICE, the self-proclaimed “Time Warner of the Street,” is the news source for you.

This multimedia outlet has emerged in recent years as a powerhouse of online, video, broadcast, and print, with its main site and sub-brands covering a plethora of news topics and personal stories. From political turmoil and human rights crises to musical and artistic subcultures to cooking and relationship tips, nothing is off topic for one of the world’s most popular sources for commentary and current events. This past July, Fast Forward took a peek behind the scenes at the company that grew from a modest model of alternative journalism into a modern media empire.

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Facebook’s Surround 360 Camera

One Innovation at a Time

REPORTERS/WRITERS: Aiden Ament, Sabrina Chafee, Kylar Flynn, Katrina Horsey, Ellie Jenkins, Parker Kulavic, Jessica Le, Carissa Lee, Charlotte Lee, Jane Merkle, Rachel Metzger, Will O’Hara, Elliott Soofer, Lyle Rumon, Christine Watridge, Sari Wisoff

Where is one place that you are dying to go, but have never been? Let’s say you’re imagining the rolling hills of Tuscany, surrounded by billowing vineyards and stunning vistas from quaint, hillside villages. Or maybe it’s sitting courtside at a Warriors game, dripping with sweat and excitement as Steph Curry bounds down the court from a breakaway layup. What if you could see it all from the very room where you’re sitting right now? What if the direct, intense experience of these worlds in all their vibrancy could be available to you this instant? It can be possible, thanks to the inspired technological masters at Facebook, who every day are working to “connect the world.”

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