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Image of a group of FastForward reporters with Dan NoyesBusting bad cops left and right. Revealing the truth about a murder. Putting a priest in prison for serious crimes. Uncovering the dark facts about a death occurring in water pipes. Beating the bad guys. Revealing the truth. Sound like a superhero? It’s actually Dan Noyes, an investigative reporter for ABC News.

You see him when you’re drinking your morning coffee. But Dan Noyes isn’t merely a face on the TV screen.

As FastForward reporters, we got the opportunity to interview him about his work, and he spoke to us about his passion for shining light on topics often hidden to the public. We all crowded around him eager to absorb every last piece of information, like a hungry lion looking at its prey.

The feeding frenzy began when he began to intimately share his mission to change people’s lives through the stories he tells. He sounded like a true TV reporter as he told us about his mission to make a difference in the world.